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Who will oversee the FIFA anti-corruption committee?

Posted by ZA on January 4, 2011

The recent round of voting by FIFA to select the locations of the 2018 and 2022 once again brought new improper behavior by FIFA voting members, as well as, plenty of fresh new accusations that FIFA is corrupt.  How has FIFA responded?  FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced that FIFA will setup an anti-corruption committee to ensure more “transparency” for how FIFA operates.  Blatter claimed this move would “strengthen our credibility”.

My question is who is going to oversee the FIFA anti-corruption committee?

By FIFA choosing to self insure their own legitimacy, they are actually just maintaining the status quo.  The same bribery that has routinely occurred could now just extend to the FIFA committee.  The members of the voting committee will know members of the anti-corruption committee, so how hard will it be for them to sway their colleagues when they need a favor.  In reality all FIFA has done has involved more FIFA members in the selection process, which will provide more potential options for the next FIFA scandal.

Whereas if FIFA was willing to go outside their organization to develop a watchdog group, then they would have a better system of checks and balances.  But FIFA is not going to do that because it could perhaps shed too much light on how they operate.  And while I agree that no private company has to agree to 3rd party oversight, I think that FIFA’s role in sports is global and therefore needs someone to keep them in-line.

[Addition: Further illustrating my point, a top member of the current FIFA ethics committee resigned claiming that the current administration has no interest in cleaning up the corruption within FIFA.  How does FIFA spin this one? He’s one of their own saying they are corrupt.]

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My advice to FIFA: Just do it!

Posted by ZA on August 11, 2010

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said they will look at whether to add goalline technology (i.e.- cameras) at the October board meeting.  Blatter’s additional comments on the matter indicate that he is not currently in-favor because no “accurate and simple” system has been presented to FIFA.

I think it would be a huge mistake for FIFA to pass on the opportunity to adopt better technology.  At the very least they should put together a commission to find the “accurate and simple” system for deciding whether a goal is scored or not.  There are plenty of options they can pursue, so now it just comes down to whether FIFA wants to evolve the game of soccer.

In this day and age there is no reason for a goal to be disallowed because the referee misses it.  Soccer is often a low scoring affair, so every goal matters.  Frank Lampard scored a key goal for England in the World Cup that was not allowed.  The replay showed that the ball was clearly in the goal.  If that goal was correctly counted, the outcome of that game (and possibly the entire World Cup) might have been different.

Referees are human, so they are going to make errors.  Why not have technology in-place to make sure the most critical mistakes (i.e.- a goal scored) are avoided.  Hockey has similar technology and baseball added replay to judge home runs.  Now it is time for soccer to evolve and add the same type of technology.

The argument that adding goal technology would be too expensive to carry out globally is weak.  No one says this type of technology has to exist at every soccer field on the planet, it just needs to be there at the highest levels.  There is no reason a World Cup game, with so much riding on it, should be decided by human error.  So bring on the cameras and lets improve a century old game.

This goal by England in the 2010 World Cup should have counted.

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