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President Obama is the X factor on 2016 Olympics

Posted by ZA on September 28, 2009

I’ve been up & down about Chicago’s chances of landing the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Early on I was high on them because I thought the United States was due to host another Olympics and Chicago is the right choice, right now.  But soon after a dispute between the IOC and USOC changed my mind, I thought the USOC had ruined Chicago’s chances to host the Summer Games.  The USOC eventually decided to back down on their decision to launch the Olympic Network without the IOC support, so that initial issue was resolved.

But then a few weeks ago another big issue came up which made me sure that the Chicago 2016 Bid Committee had no chance to win the vote of the IOC.  A poll came out showing that less than half of Chicago residents were in favor of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.  So I once again assumed that Chicago’s hopes of landing the Games were shot.  I even got plenty of comments from Chicago residents that all seemed to agree they didn’t want the Olympics in their town.

So what changed?  Why did I go from feeling that Chicago was out of this vote (not just once, but twice) to feeling they are the odds on favorite?  President Barrack Obama changed my mind.  It was confirmed by the White House that President Obama will travel to Denmark for to make the pitch for Chicago in-front of the voters of the IOC.  This is the same Barrack Obama who did what many thought would be impossible in winning the 2008 Presidential election.  The charismatic leader who has captured the attention of the entire globe.  He is almost always the coolest guy in the room wherever he goes, and certainly has a leg upon the PM of Japan, King of Spain or President of Brazil.

How can the IOC say ‘no’ to President Obama?  They can’t, he’ll show up and sway the vote in-favor of Chicago.  Much to the consternation of Rio de Janeiro, who was thought to be the front runner.  It’s called holding an ace up your sleeve and the Chicago Bid Committee waited for the perfect moment to play their trump card.  I would be shocked if the IOC doesn’t then vote Chicago as the host of the 2016 Summer Games.

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