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New York Times only tells half the story

Posted by ZA on April 5, 2009

The New York Times piece by Eric Pfanner titled, “When the Attention isn’t Worth it” misses the mark.  While true that companies need to spend wisely when it comes to sports sponsorships, that doesn’t mean they should eliminate them when times are tough.  The article is critical of the sports sponsorship deals cut by companies that that are part of the government bailout, and specifically points out excessive spending by AIG and RBS.  But the article fails to point out the importance these sports sponsorship deals have in a company’s marketing plan.  It also doesn’t mention that some of these deals are proven money makers, like some of the deals that Bank of America was criticized for by Congress.

Sports sponsorships are a vital component of many large companies marketing plans.  They are equally as important as other forms of advertising and public relations.  They play a big role in building the brand of the companies that use them.  I think the Times & Pfanner need to paint a more complete picture of the subject, not just focus on the dollars being spent.  They need to report the dollars that are being generated as well.

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