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John Wall signs $25 million deal with Reebok

Posted by ZA on June 10, 2010

John Wall, the University of Kentucky standout, who is likely to be the #1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft has signed an endorsement deal with Reebok.  The endorsement deal is reported to be a 5-year deal worth approximately $25 million dollars ($5 mil per year).  The deal reported includes two signature shoes that will be designed by Reebok for the young basketball star.

This deal by Reebok is a huge step up from what recent draft picks have received from shoe endorsement deals.  It signals that Reebok plans to make John Wall the centerpiece of their basketball marketing efforts.  In 2009, the top NBA Draft pick, Blake Griffin signed a reported $400,000 per year annual deal with Nike.  In 2008, Chicago Bulls top pick Derrick Rose signed with Adidas (who owns Reebok) for an undisclosed sum that was likely in the $1+ million per season range.  Which means the last deal for a top pick that was on par with Wall’s deal was the $8+ million per year deal that 2008 #2 pick Kevin Durant signed with Nike.

The deal that Durant signed with Nike in ’08 was much larger than the deal that #1 pick Greg Oden received from Nike.  Nike has made Durant one of their top endorsement stars over the past few years, which is a pattern that Reebok is sure to repeat with John Wall.  Reebok’s other top NBA endorsement stars include Allen Iverson, Yao Ming & others.

[Assist: Sports Business Daily]

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NBA star on the rise: Kevin Durant

Posted by ZA on September 22, 2009

This New York Times article is a glimpse into the life of Oklahoma Thunder forward, Kevin Durant.  The Times labeling his as a “Rising Star” within the league, which could soon be an understatement.  Durant seems to be on the verge of becoming one of the marquee players in the NBA, the same way he did in high school and college.  I watched him during his one season at the University of Texas and he’s an athlete that has a near limitless upside.

I think Durant will continue to use his time in Oklahoma City to hone his game and mature his body.  Then when he’s a free agent, he’ll take his game to one of the big media markets (e.g.- New York City) to become a star.  He’s a low key, fly under the radar type of guy – so it’ll take that type of move to thrust his name into the national conversation.  But it’ll be his play on the court that keeps the media and fans talking about him, because there is very little on the court that he cannot do.

I also expect the endorsement dollars to start to flow once KD is in a major market (current Kevin Durant endorsement deals).  His current deals with EA Sports, Gatorade, Nike and Upper Deck should only grow bigger.  And plenty of new brands will line up to get one of the top, young athletes in sports to endorse their produce.  They’ll love how his polite, almost shy demeanor compliments the fiercest competitor that comes out on the basketball court.  Durant will be a millionaire many times over before he’s 30 and quite possibly once of the best basketball players of this generation.

Kevin Durant photo from

Kevin Durant photo from

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