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Mike Gundy is no longer 40, but is still a man

Posted by ZA on October 30, 2009

My Texas Longhorns are playing the Oklahoma State Cowboys this weekend, so I thought it was appropriate to rehash one of my favorite coach clips; the notorious of “I’m a man!  I’m 40!“.  This classic quote was said by Okie State head Coach Mike Gundy in September 2007 during a postgame press conference.

“I’m a man! I’m 40!” – by Mike Gundy

Unfortunately for Gundy he’ll probably never be able to live down this famous soundbite, because he is a good football coach who just got caught up in the moment.  There are four paragraphs on his Gundy’s wikipedia entry detailing the incident, which is more information than the entire rest of the page combined.

Mike Gundy is 42 now, his birthday is August 12, 1967.


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