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Gatorade dumps Tiger Woods themed sports drink

Posted by ZA on December 8, 2009

Gatorade announced they are going to discontinue Tigerade (aka: Gatorade Focus) as part of a streamlining of their product lines.  Pepsico officials said their decision to drop the Tiger themed drink has nothing to do with his current personal issues.  It was part of a decision they announced awhile back to remove the singular focus of Tiger on one product, so they could use him across their whole line of Gatorade drinks.  More here at CNBC.

Is this Tiger Woods losing his first endorsement deal?
No, it was probably just a coincidence that Gatorade made this announcement now when everyone’s awareness of all things Tiger is heightened.  It’s doubtful that Tiger loses any significant endorsements from the infidelity that’s been revealed.  It is possible that he loses some future deals from sponsors who might have been in talks with Tiger’s agent.  Or at least I think we’ll see a long drought until the next Woods endorsement deal is inked, because no company wants to take the negative PR hit of signing Tiger right now.

[Assist: Sports Business Daily]

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