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FIFA commits $28 million to fight soccer match fixing

Posted by ZA on May 10, 2011

FIFA is going to provide almost $30 million dollars to Interpol to setup an anti-corruption unit to oversee soccer.  This decision comes after years of match fixing accusations within soccer.  Organize crime and the increase in online betting has upped the amount of corruption that occurs within the world’s #1 sport.

In my opinion this is a smart, albeit long overdue, move for FIFA to make.  There is no way they can police their own sport, as the top rungs of their organization have long been accused of corruption.  Hiring an independent police agency to watch their back is going to have better results than if they decided to handle it internally.  The next step is to allow Interpol access to FIFA at the highest levels.  They need to root out corruption starting at the top.  Although I imagine that’ll never happen as this money seems focused on the growing match fixing issues within soccer.

Read the full article here at SportBusiness.

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Who will oversee the FIFA anti-corruption committee?

Posted by ZA on January 4, 2011

The recent round of voting by FIFA to select the locations of the 2018 and 2022 once again brought new improper behavior by FIFA voting members, as well as, plenty of fresh new accusations that FIFA is corrupt.  How has FIFA responded?  FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced that FIFA will setup an anti-corruption committee to ensure more “transparency” for how FIFA operates.  Blatter claimed this move would “strengthen our credibility”.

My question is who is going to oversee the FIFA anti-corruption committee?

By FIFA choosing to self insure their own legitimacy, they are actually just maintaining the status quo.  The same bribery that has routinely occurred could now just extend to the FIFA committee.  The members of the voting committee will know members of the anti-corruption committee, so how hard will it be for them to sway their colleagues when they need a favor.  In reality all FIFA has done has involved more FIFA members in the selection process, which will provide more potential options for the next FIFA scandal.

Whereas if FIFA was willing to go outside their organization to develop a watchdog group, then they would have a better system of checks and balances.  But FIFA is not going to do that because it could perhaps shed too much light on how they operate.  And while I agree that no private company has to agree to 3rd party oversight, I think that FIFA’s role in sports is global and therefore needs someone to keep them in-line.

[Addition: Further illustrating my point, a top member of the current FIFA ethics committee resigned claiming that the current administration has no interest in cleaning up the corruption within FIFA.  How does FIFA spin this one? He’s one of their own saying they are corrupt.]

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