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Red Sox & Fenway take on risk of alcohol sales

Posted by ZA on April 7, 2011

The Boston Red Sox are close to an agreement that will allow them to sell hard liquor to all fans at Fenway Park.  While I generally support freedom of choice, I don’t agree with this decision.  As much as I like the option of a mixed drink, I think they should be limited to suite holders or private club areas (which is typical for most venue and/or sporting events).  I think offering beer & wine in main grandstands is sufficient and adding alcohol will only promote additional over-consumption by certain fans.  I’m not trying to be elitist in my opinion, but I think there are many fans who won’t show good judgment.  I don’t want that guy/gal sitting by me and my kids at the game.  The Red Sox & Fenway will profit from this decision, but it could be at the expense of the gameday experience.

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Does anyone have more sponsors than Real Salt Lake?

Posted by ZA on June 12, 2009

Sponsorship deals are a way for professional sports teams to collect additional revenue, beyond ticket sales and concessions.  Large professional teams can bring in millions of dollars per year from these type of sponsorships.  But not every sponsorship deal is a revenue generator, many today are in-kind deals where a team trades sponsorship rights for services.  For example, a team might receive free, or reduced rate, airline travel by providing a sponsorship package to an airline.

These in-kind sponsorship deals are valuable for teams and the sponsors who receive them, but they are probably not going to get the same level of exposure that cash paying sponsors will receive.  But teams have plenty of sponsorship opportunities to sell, from naming rights deals on their stadium all the way down to logo inclusion in a game program.  With this plethora of opportunities to wheel and deal on trading services for sponsorships, many teams are cutting down on expenses by lining up a multitude of in-kind sponsors to cover many of their team needs (i.e.- expenses).

One professional team that is having success signing these in-kind sponsorships is Real Salt Lake.  Real is an MLS team that has deals with over 20 sponsors, with more than half of those being new for 2009.  Real Salt Lake has divided their sponsors into three categories based on dollars contributed (or traded) for their deal.  Real has landed a few sponsor partnerships which are offsetting costs associated with running a team or stadium.  Waste Management, Xinsurance, Cricket Wireless, Allied Sign and JetBlue are all sponsors of Real Salt Lake who can also provide a valuable service (in-kind) to the club.  By signing sponsors who can do that, the team can reduce their expenses.

These type of exchange of services sponsorship deals are nothing new.  In-fact I’ve traded tickets for sponsorships at events for well over a decade.  But with budgets tight in the current economy it makes a lot of sense for both teams and vendors to look into arrangements like this.

Real Salt Lake sponsorships:
Allied Sign
American First Credit Union
Burger King
Colonial Flag
Cricket Wireless
Fiji Water
Hoopes Vision
Les Olson Co
Mountain American Credit Union
Rocky Mountain Voice
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
SCA paper
Siegfried & Jensen
Waste Management Inc
Workers Compensation Fund
Zions Bank
[Assist: Sports Business Daily]

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Yankees & Cowboys team up to make Legends

Posted by ZA on October 20, 2008

Two of the most icononic brands in sports are teaming up on a joint venture that could change the sports landscape.  The Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees announced they are launching a stadium concessions company named Legends Hospitality Management.  Goldmach Sachs is a third partner in the venture.

Legends will handle all of the stadium concessions, catering for luxury suites and sales via the team stores for both the new Cowboys stadium and new Yankee Stadium.  Both stadiums are slated to open in 2009.  The goal of Legends will be to offer a higher-level of service than typically provided by stadium concession companies.  Also, I’m sure to make Jerry Jones and the Steinbrenner family more money.  Jones said the purpose of the venture was to affect “the fan experience.”

The Yankees were already the most lucrative concessions contract in American sports, they booked over $70 million in concessions revenue at old Yankee Stadium over the past year.  That number will only increase when they move across the street into a new more luxurious Yankee Stadium packed with more upscale dining options.

Legends will add its name among some of the current big names in stadium concessions, which include: Aramark, Centerplate and Sodexho.

Cowboys & Yankees snack bar opens in 2009

Cowboys & Yankees snack bar opens in 2009

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Budweiser is still the King of Beers in UK

Posted by ZA on October 9, 2008

Well maybe not all of England, but Bud is the once again the King of Beers at the home of England’s most popular football club, Manchester United.  Anheuser-Busch just renewed their brand sponsorship for the 2009-2010 Premier League season, which will keep Bud beer flowing at concession stands inside Old Trafford stadium.

Budweiser will also continue to receive brand signage within the stadium and on the field.  The signage will be in English and Mandarin, in order to cater to the massive Chinese fan base that Man U has accumulated.  Anaheuser-Busch will also retain the rights to use Manchester United branded marks in A-B advertising campaigns around the globe.

No terms for the deal were announced, but Anaheuser-Busch has been a Manchester United sponsor since 2002.  Other large Man U sponsors include Nike and AIG.

Manchester United club sponsors:
* AIG (Insurance)
* Betfred (Gambling)
* BSkyB (Broadcast)
* Budweiser (Beer)
* Hi Seoul (Travel)
* Kumho (Tires)
* Nike (Clothing & shoes)
* STC (Cell phones)
* Viagogo (Tickets)

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King of Beers signs deal with NY Mets

Posted by ZA on March 18, 2008

The New York Mets will debut a brand new stadium, Citi Field, to start the 2009 baseball season.  And if you are a Mets fan you better enjoy Budweiser & Bud Light, because Anheuser-Busch signed a multi-year agreement to become a ‘Partner’ at Citi Field.  The deal means that Budweiser will be the exclusive sponsor for all alcohol signage within Citi Field.

The deal is the first ‘Signature Partner’ the NY Mets have signed for their new stadium.  But Anheuser-Busch has been the Official Beer Sponsor of Major League Baseball for over a dozen years.

Citi Field will replace the Mets current home, Shea Stadium, at the start of the 2009 season.  Citi Field is being built by HOK Sport in Queens, New York.  It is estimated that Citi Field will cost $610 Million dollars to build.  When completed it will have a capacity of approximately 45,000 baseball fans.

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