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Red Sox & Fenway take on risk of alcohol sales

Posted by ZA on April 7, 2011

The Boston Red Sox are close to an agreement that will allow them to sell hard liquor to all fans at Fenway Park.  While I generally support freedom of choice, I don’t agree with this decision.  As much as I like the option of a mixed drink, I think they should be limited to suite holders or private club areas (which is typical for most venue and/or sporting events).  I think offering beer & wine in main grandstands is sufficient and adding alcohol will only promote additional over-consumption by certain fans.  I’m not trying to be elitist in my opinion, but I think there are many fans who won’t show good judgment.  I don’t want that guy/gal sitting by me and my kids at the game.  The Red Sox & Fenway will profit from this decision, but it could be at the expense of the gameday experience.

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