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Tiger Woods doesn’t get it…

Posted by ZA on November 22, 2010

…but this article in AdAge does.  It hits on exactly where Tiger is going wrong in his efforts to rehab his image and what he could do to improve.  I totally agree that everything Tiger is doing right now seems to be scripted by IMG.

I asked a friend of mine, who is a huge Tiger fan, if he listened to the radio interview last week.  His response was, “You can be a bland d*ck and still be wildly popular (as long as) you win everything.  But finishing 11th and ‘granting’ interviews like this is boring…and a little insulting.”   I agree with my friend and I agree with the experts quoted in Rich Thomaselli’s article.

For Tiger to truly win back some of us, he either needs to start dominating on the golf course again or he needs to be more authentic.  Since I personally don’t think Tiger has it in him to be more authentic, I think Woods needs to just win. The question now is can Tiger Woods get back to that same level of domination?  Can he dominate the golf scene in the coming years the way he did in the past?  I think that’s a challenge for Tiger, because there are a lot more talented golfers these days.  And there is not the same fear of Tiger Woods that once existed on the PGA Tour.  A lot of these younger players and foreign golfers want to challenge Tiger and have the games to do it.

So if I’m Tiger Woods, I would quite these lame attempts to personify himself to the public.  Instead I would go radio silent again and thrust all his energy into getting back to dominating on the golf course.  Then fans like me can just appreciate him for being the best golfer on the planet, instead of his agents trying to get us to like Tiger the person.

Tiger Woods' latest PR attempts are too programmed

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Did media accusations kill England’s World Cup host bid?

Posted by ZA on November 9, 2010

The announcement for which country (or countries) will host the 2018 World Cup is only a few weeks away.  But even as it approaches the decision of who FIFA will select is way up in the air.  I have predicted that England will be selected as host country for the 2018 World Cup.  I think that England would be the most suitable host for the biggest soccer tournament in the world, since they are one of the most soccer mad countries in the world.  I think most FIFA members have agreed with me on England until recently.

Now reports are coming out saying that England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup is “blown…completely”.  What is the cause of this potentially epic downfall for England’s World Cup bid?  It appears to be the English media is the culprit.  The UK press has been reporting on corruption within FIFA for over a month now, which apparently has incensed FIFA voting members to the point they are no longer considering England’s bid.

Wow, if England’s bid is really trashed then FIFA has a lot of explaining to do.  Of course we’ll never know the true story because it is easy for FIFA members to vote for Spain/Portugal or Russia instead of England.  But the truth is their votes for other bids are just votes against England, the same way the IOC awarding the 2016 Olympics to Rio was more a vote against the Chicago bid and the USA.  Politics play a part in these organizations, so they vote against who they do not like just as much as they vote for who they think will be the best host.

The press has an obligation to report the facts they find.  The UK media has a responsibility to report wrongdoing they uncovered within FIFA.  To penalize the English bid based on the work of the UK press is asinine and completely unfair.  Of course I’m not surprised because it is the same people voting who are accused of the corruption.  But make no mistake about it, if England is getting jobbed, it is by FIFA on this vote.

Update: The CEO of England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup is now calling the BBC “unpatriotic” for airing a piece on the FIFA vote scandal three days prior to the WC host selection.  Once again I think the anger here is misplaced.  The media’s job is to cover the story, so criticizing them for doing their job is ridiculous.  Sure the BBC could have aired this story at a different time, but they are publicizing it close to the FIFA vote to ensure maximum exposure.  That helps the media do their other job, which is to sell advertising.

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Checking in at a major league ballpark

Posted by ZA on November 3, 2010

Located based services are becoming part of our every day lives, so it is only natural that those services connect to professional sports.  Now we even have stats to back them up, since AdAge compiled data on Foursquare check-ins at Major League Baseball ballparks in 2010.

If I ran the marketing department for any at the bottom of the list below, I would be working my butt off to make sure more fans were checking in at my part in 2011.  Check ins are a free, natural and sometimes viral way to spread the word about your team.  So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Top 10 Foursquare Check-ins at MLB ballparks (2010)
1. AT&T Park (36,263 check-ins)
2. Yankee Stadium (35,373)
3. Wrigley Field (25,203)
4. Fenway Park (19,956)
5. Citizens Bank Park (19,889)
6. Citi Field (17,661)
7. Dodger Stadium (15,461)
8. Nationals Field (13,420)
9. Turner Field (13,383)
10.  Miller Park (11,647)

Click here to see the complete list at AdAge.

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