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England to host 2018 World Cup & USA to host in 2022

Posted by ZA on September 29, 2010

News that England will be withdrawing their bid for the 2022 World Cup to focus exclusively on the 2018 World Cup tells me that England is confident they will host the 2018 World Cup.  I’ll go one step further and say that England is a shoe in to host the 2018 World Cup.  I think Russia is the serious competition since Sepp Blatter made some positive remarks about their bid last year.  But I think that England will be the pick for host country from FIFA.

Russia needs to focus their attention on the Sochi Winter Games in 2014, making that a success will be a big enough task for them.  The Olympics and World Cup require a lot of support from corporate dollars and Russia doesn’t have the same options that the United Kingdom does.  Plus, England hosts the Premier League so the venues and necessary infrastructure are already in place.  And England has not hosted a World Cup since 1966.  One of the most soccer mad countries on the planet, hasn’t had the biggest soccer event on their home soil in 50 years.  That changes soon, England will host the 2018 World Cup.

That opens the door for the United States to be selected to host the 2022 World Cup.  The US is competing for the ’22 bid with a host of nations (Australia, South Korea, Japan and Qatar) that would do a great job and be a great story.  But FIFA just did the great host nation story with the event in South Africa, which was a great event but not a big money maker.  Corporate sponsors are more abundant in the USA, so they’ll get the nod after England.

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Taxpayers forced to pay off debts for sports stadiums

Posted by ZA on September 8, 2010

A good article from the New York Times that exposes the debt that still exists on many unused stadiums.  The tax payers in New Jersey still have over $75 million in dept to pay off on the Izod Center, yet no professional sports teams play there any longer (the Nets & Devils have already said bye, bye).  Indianapolis residents have over $60 million in debt yet to pay on the RCA Dome, even though the team is starting their second year at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Both are ridiculously unfair to the taxpayers, but that’s the price you can pay in big time sports.

While I agree that these stadium finance deals can turn out badly for taxpayers, I do think more has to be considered than just the dollars.  A stadium and the team that plays in it is a big part of the identity of a city.  The Meadowlands and RCA Dome are landmarks in their cities, even once they are no longer in use.  So while taxpayers need to be reluctant to pick up the entire tab on these stadiums, they don’t want to stop the next big sports venue from being built in their town.

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Which college sold the most football tickets in 2010?

Posted by ZA on September 7, 2010

Season ticket sales are one of the biggest revenue drivers for the athletic departments at universities.  Locking fans into that season ticket commitment guarantees that revenue for the coming season.  In a touch economy, which schools had the most success in selling season tickets in 2010?  Below are the top 10 schools with biggest increase in season ticket sales for 2010 over 2009.  The data was compiled in an informal survey by the Birmingham News.

Top 10 biggest % increase in college football season tickets sold (2010):
1. Houston (+ 70%)
2. Marshall (+ 45%)
3. Louisville (+ 31%)
4. Toledo (+ 23%)
5. Texas Tech (+ 20%)
6. Oregon State (+ 18%)
7. Air Force (+ 12%)
8. Alabama (+ 11%)
8. Arizona (+ 11%)
8. Indiana (+ 11%)
8. Washington (+ 11%)

Top 5 biggest % drops in season ticket sales (in 2010 from 2009):

1. UTEP (- 23%)
2. New Mexico (- 20%)
3. Navy (- 19%)
4. Washington State (- 13%)
5. Cal, Hawaii & Kansas (- 11%)

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College athletics bigger than ever

Posted by ZA on September 2, 2010

Good article by the New York Times that talks about the big time money that is now a part of college athletics.  They got it right that there are few programs actually making money, but I thought they might have talked about some of the notable programs that have gone into debt in an effort to compete.  Texas A&M has one of the most successful athletic departments in the country, but that didn’t prevent them from needing to take a $16 million dollar loan from the schools general operating funds.  These days schools are forced to spend to keep pace, even if they are losing money.  Those that don’t will fall further behind and in the long-term they cannot afford to do that.

A common characteristic among the richest programs in college sports is they are all have successful football programs.  Texas, Florida and Ohio State are not just the richest athletic departments, they are 3 of the top schools in college football over the past decade.  Here’s a recent list of the richest athletic departments in college sports.

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