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2011 NCAA Tournament will show all games live

Posted by ZA on April 23, 2010

Every March Madness fan hates when the game they are watching gets switched to some other game that they care nothing about.  It often seems as if the producers at CBS were throwing us around from game to game just to play God with our emotions.  Well no more, because starting in 2011 every college basketball fan will be able to watch all NCAA Tournament games live on basic cable.

The $10.8 billion extension that the NCAA and CBS just reached for broadcast & internet rights also included Turner Broadcasting System.  CBS and Turner’s joint bid will let them air games from all four regions of the tournament on four separate channels.  Starting with the 2011 NCAA Tournament you can tune into CBS, TBS, TNT or TruTV to watch games.  Which means that every game will be shown live and available to all college hoops fans with basic cable.  This was a great move by the NCAA and television execs, one that makes me very happy as a fan.

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What is most valuable soccer team in the world?

Posted by ZA on April 22, 2010

According to Forbes, English Premiere League club Manchester United is once again the most valuable soccer club on the planet.  This is the 6th straight year that Forbes has selected Man U as the most valuable football club. Forbes assigned a value to Manchester United of $1.8 billion dollars (USD).  Below is a look at the top 20 most valuable soccer clubs in the world.

The valuation would rank Man U as the most valuable professional sports franchise in the world.  Forbes estimated the value of the New York Yankees at $1.6 billion this year and the Dallas Cowboys at $1.6 billion in 2009.  The global reach of Manchester United is a big factor in making their club more valuable than either of the US professional sports icons.

Top 20 Most Valuable Soccer Teams (2010)
1. Manchester United – $1.8 billion
2. Real Madrid – $1.3 billion
3. Arsenal – $1.1 billion
4. FC Barcelona – $1 billion
5. Bayern Munich – $990 million
6. Liverpool – $822 million
7. AC Milan – $800 million
8. Juventus – $656 million
9. Chelsea – $646 million
10. Inter Milan – $413 million
11. Schalke
12. Tottenham Hotspur
13. Olympique Lyonnais
14. Hamburg SV
15. AS Roma
16. Werder Bremen
17. Olympique Marseille
18. Borussia Dortmund
19. Manchester City
20. Newcastle United

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Did Nike commercial end Tiger Woods’ marriage?

Posted by ZA on April 16, 2010

In a word, no.  But AdAge takes an interesting look at that topic here because apparently some of the mainstream media is using that story line to drum up business.  Even if Elin Nordegren didn’t like the Nike ad, a television commercial was not the breaking point in their marriage.  So to even suggest that the ad played a role (and not Tiger’s 18+ affairs) is insulting to Elin.

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World Cup tickets available at Wal-Mart?

Posted by ZA on April 15, 2010

Ticket sales for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa have been sluggish according to everyone I’ve talked to.  And FIFA’s latest move aimed at getting more locals to the World Cup seems to support those opinions.  FIFA announced that tickets for the 2010 World Cup will be sold locally in South Africa at supermarkets and shopping malls.  These sales are a departure from the normal online submissions that FIFA has required and the first time they’ve allowed over-the-counter cash sales to buy tickets.

This move is great for local South African people who will now be able to purchase tickets to attend the soccer event in their home country.  Many South Africans were not able to buy tickets online or with a credit card, so this program should greatly boost local attendance at the 2010 World Cup.

No word yet on whether all 2010 World Cup tickets will be as big as this one.

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New Tiger Woods commercial for Nike

Posted by ZA on April 7, 2010

Nike Golf launched their first Tiger Woods commercial since his scandal broke.  The commercial features the voice of Tiger’s deceased father, Earl Woods.  Tiger doesn’t speak in the commercial, he just stares into the camera with a concerned look on his face.  Tiger’s wearing a Nike swoosh on his hat & sweater vest, which is the only brand or messaging in the commercial aside from a plain Nike swoosh that briefly appears on the screen at the close.

I don’t personally care for this commercial.  I know Nike feels like they had to address the elephant in the room with Tiger, but using his late father’s voice seems to be a cheap tactic.  Nike will surely get lots of exposure for this commercial because it is a major source of controversy.  But I’m not sure mentions on NBC Nightly News and across the blogosphere is going to translate into business for Nike.  I think Nike Golf should have kept the focus on Tiger’s play on the course and not try to touch his off-course issues.

Tiger Woods commercial for Nike Golf

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NFL to become even bigger business in coming years

Posted by ZA on April 6, 2010

Football is a sport that is watched by millions of Americans every weekend in the Fall.  At the NFL level it is much more than a sport, football is a big business that brings in over $6 billion dollars per year in revenue.  The league and its teams employee over 3,000 people and pay out over $3 billion each year in payroll.  Now NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to take that strong business and kick it up a notch.

Goodell has set a goal for the NFL to reach $25 billion in revenue in the next 20 years.  That means the NFL will need to add approximately $1 billion in additional revenue each year during that stretch.  Goodell has already expanded the business of the NFL by pushing into new markets, like games in London, England.  In order to get the NFL to the $25 billion in annual revenue mark the league will need to continue to put a strong product on the field and continue to pioneer ways to generate new revenue off the field.  Emerging technologies on the internet and in the mobile space will likely play a big part in increased revenues.  So too will be the increased price that networks will pay for broadcast rights and that sponsors will pay for sponsorship deals.

Can the NFL get to $25 billion? Yes, but they’ll need to be as willing to innovate on the field as they are to diversify off the field.  All of the new avenues that global expansion will open up won’t matter if fans grow tired of the action on the field.  So my first advice to the NFL is to loosen the reigns a bit on how they are controlling their players on the field…fans might eventually tire a bit of the NFL becoming the No Fun League.

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