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Will Tim Tebow’s beliefs hurt his endorsement potential?

Posted by ZA on January 27, 2010

A good article from AdAge on how Tim Tebow’s appearance in a television commercial for a Christian group might negative affect his long-term potential as endorser.  The communication expert they quote in the article says that appearance will “dramatically shorten the window of opportunity”.  I think it will have little impact on his success as a pitchman.  What will decide whether he is a big endorsement star?  How well he plays in the NFL and what city he winds up playing for.  If Tebow becomes a similar star in the NFL to what he was in college football, then he’ll quickly become one of the top 10 endorsement stars among athletes.  If he is the next coming of Ryan Leaf then he’ll continue to pitch for niche Christian groups and car dealerships in North Florida.  Success on the field will be the deciding factor for Tebow’s NFL endorsement potential.


One Response to “Will Tim Tebow’s beliefs hurt his endorsement potential?”

  1. I hope that this message will bring hope and healing to women and not the type of condemnation and ridicule that so many have cynically come to expect. That would be the kind of thing that could truly bring people together instead of politicizing this issue and dividing us further. Anything less would be a disappointment.

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