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Tiger Woods popularity dropping quickly

Posted by ZA on December 15, 2009

A recent ABC News/Washington Post survey said that only 42% of respondents have a “favorable opinion” of Tiger Woods.  In the same poll an equal number (43%) said they have an “unfavorable opinion” of Tiger Woods, with 26% saying they have a “strongly unfavorable opinion” of Mr. Woods.

The positive side of those numbers are way down for Tiger who scored 60% “favorable” and 25% “unfavorable” just a few weeks ago (right after car crash).  Tiger has lost a huge amount of good feelings since 2005 where he measured at 85% favorable versus 8% unfavorable.  See more details on the poll here at Brandweek.

Tiger’s fall from grace has occurred quickly as sordid details of his personal life have played out in the media.  During the scandal Tiger has remained silent except for a couple of canned statements that apologized for “transgressions” and begged for privacy.  Woods silence has seemed to add further fuel to the anger against him, as he is unwilling to answer questions about the accusations being lobbed against him.

I doubt Tiger is innocent in all of this, but would still like to hear him tell his side of the story.  Or at the very least I’d like to see him step forward and face the music.  At the core this is definitely a private matter between him, his wife and his family.  But he’s a public figure (professional athlete & spokesperson) who has been accused of some horrible things, so I think Tiger needs to make a public statement.  That should be on-camera and should specifically address the items he is accused of.  So far Tiger & his PR people seem to be bungling this situation, I’m hoping they are planning something to try to clear the air a bit…or at least give the public something to get people to start moving on from this issue (thus allowing Tiger & Elin privacy to work on things).

One Response to “Tiger Woods popularity dropping quickly”

  1. Jim Jones said

    I disagree with ZA’s article that Tiger Woods’ recent problems are a “private matter”. It ceased to be private when he careened out of control in front of his home damaging other people’s property and NO blood work was supposedly performed at the hospital or provided to the Florida Highway Patrol to determine if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is fortunate that a child was not walking their dog and run down as a result of his irresponsible and possibly deadly behavior. But of course, he was a sports superstar and doesn’t have to answer to the same standards of behavior as the rest of us. This chain of events should be a lesson to all of us who believe that sports legends are imbued with abnormally high intelligence or morals. Mr ZA would still like to hear Tiger tell his side of the story, but all we get are terse statements about transgressions and the need for privacy. This is one champion who got caught with his pants down and can only pull them up and run!

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