Branding the World of Sports

Andrew Bogut creating a fan frenzy in Milwaukee

Posted by ZA on December 6, 2009

Great article on Fanhouse about how Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut is using his own money to help improve the atmosphere at Bucks home games.  Bogut is spending $100,000 of his own bucks to pay for rowdy Bucks fans to attend Milwaukee home games for free.  This Squad 6 is a great idea and something I hope catches on across all sports.  I talked to someone at the NBA league office who said this type of program is one that they have been working on.  Sounds as if they would like to see this of type of program at more teams.

The article alludes to the group of rowdy fans in Houston that are there to support the Rockets.  I was at a Rockets versus Spurs game last week and saw these guys & gals in the stands.  I remember at the time thinking how unique (and crazy) those Rockets fans looked at a basketball game.  They looked like they got lost on the way to a soccer game and stumbled into the Toyota Center to support the Rockets instead.  But they were great fans and made a difference in the game.  So congrats to them as well for inspiring Squad 6 and hopefully starting a trend.

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