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Of course the IOC is making “secret deals”

Posted by ZA on October 25, 2009

The Olympics is a great spectacle, but it’s no longer just about amateur athletic competition.  The Olympics is big business these days with billions of dollars in sponsorship and television money on the line.  So naturally there is a lot of back room politicking going on in support of all that money.

A new book by the former Chinese sports minister details some of the arrangements that allowed China to secure the 2008 Olympics.  He claims that Chinese officials helped IOC President Jacques Rogge get re-elected in exchange for Rogge delivering the European vote in-favor of Beijing hosting the Summer Games.  Full article here at the Times Online.
The IOC is generating a lot of money, but they try to focus attention on the grandeur of their events rather than the cash.  But their secret ballot process allows their members to wheel and deal without fear of being exposed.  These type of secret deals are not the exception, but rather the norm when it comes to the IOC.

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