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Shoe companies use blogs to launch new brands

Posted by ZA on October 19, 2009

The internet has changed the way that most companies release their new products.  Back in the days Nike might buy a glossy advertisement in Sports Illustrated to initially introduce a new shoe.  Then the week of the shoe’s launch they would place half-page ads in sports section of newspapers in the top 20 markets.  They would support this with some radio and possible a few TV spots during big games.  It worked then…

Now Nike is just as likely to promote a new shoe by sending out information to a bunch of influential bloggers.  They not only save money promoting their product in this manner, but are also getting a better ROI on the marketing dollars. This network of blogs has a loyal, engaged following that are the “early influencers” target that the company needs for their new product.  The guy who reads engadget everyday is more likely than me to buy the latest & greatest product from Samsung.  So when Samsung wants to get the word out, they go to Engadget.

This Brandweek article talks about that phenomena in the tennis shoe market.  How a handful of influential blogs (bloggers) are being used by Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc. to help push their latest offerings.

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