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2016 Olympics awarded to Rio de Janeiro

Posted by ZA on October 2, 2009

I’m happy for the people of Brazil that Rio de Janeiro was selected.   I always think it’s a good story when a country, who has never previously had the opportunity, gets their shot on the world stage.  Now Brazil will get two chances to shine in-front of the world; as hosts of the 2014 World Cup and then the 2016 World Cup.  That’s quite a coup for them.

I am a bit surprised that Rio was selected.  I know they were the favorite (at least until Obama came into the bid process) but I never really thought the IOC would give them the Olympics.  I thought the IOC would view Brazil hosting the World Cup two years prior as a negative factor and ultimate award the games to someone else.  I figured the IOC wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to FIFA who will oversee their soccer tournament in Brazil two years earlier.

I’m also surprised that Chicago was voted out of the process first.  I wonder if the lack of support by Chicago residents was what ultimately did them in.  Or perhaps it was the world’s way of rejecting America by showing us the door first.  That last thought certainly shows my bias, but I thought Chicago was the best choice for the 2016 Games.  It certainly makes the most sense from a financial standpoint because corporate dollars and television contracts would have been much stronger.

The one thing I’m not surprised by is that the IOC did something unexpected.  It’s a tough organization to predict and once again they surprised me.


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