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Chicago residents don’t support the bid for 2016 Olympics

Posted by ZA on September 15, 2009

Whenever you are rolling out a new product or service you want to make sure you secure the support of some “anchor clients” who will help to provide early momentum.  These should be key individuals who will have some influence (direct or indirect) over the clients you are trying to sign.  Having anchor clients in your pocket make it easier to walk into any room and pitch your product, because you can throw their name around as someone who is already on-board.

The group who is running the Chicago bid to host the 2016 Olympics certainly followed this rule.  Early on they made sure they had the support of President Barrack Obama and a plethora of other Olympic athletes, Chicago businesses and local celebrities.  This assembly have helped make Chicago one of the four finalists in the bidding process to host the 2016 Summer Games.

But the Chicago 2016 Bid Committee forgot to gain the support of one key group of individuals.  The residents of the City of Chicago.  A Chicago Tribune poll found that only 47% of Chicagoans were in favor of the city’s bid for the Olympics.  A huge 84% said they do not approve of using public money (i.e.- tax payer dollars) to fund the 2016 Summer Games in their city.  Chicago residents do not want to be on the hook for cost overruns or other infrastructure costs which may fall back on them.

As AdAge points out, this is not the type of support you want to show just a few weeks prior to the IOC vote.  Less than half of the population of your city is in favor of hosting the Olympic Games?  That is not the recipe for success when bidding on a multi-billion dollar Games.  Surely the bid committees from Madrid, Rio and Tokyo will make sure these survey results wind up on the desk of every voting member of the IOC.  And after all of the money spent by the Chicago 2016 Bid Committee to land the games, this lack of public support might wind up being their downfall.  Here’s hoping they are scrambling to put together their own poll which will show a much more favorable result for the city.


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