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Lance Armstrong rides alone in 2010

Posted by ZA on July 22, 2009

Lance Armstrong is going to ride for a new, Amercian-based sponsor when he suits up for the Tour de France in 2010.  Armstrong is heading to the new team, along with his long-time team manager, Johan Bruyneel.  Together the duo is sure to form one of the top cycling teams in the World.

The move is most likely a result of Lance not wanting to share the spotlight with his current teammate, Alberto Contador. The two star rides are on the same team (Astana) this year, which has caused a minor controversy about who should be the lead dog on the team.  Ultimately it seems that Armstrong conceded that power struggle to Contador and is helping his teammate to win the 2009 Tour de France.

I think when Lance returned this year, he might have initially thought playing a role in helping someone else win would be a good thing.  But I think Lance’s performance in the Tour has shown him that he’s still got what it takes to win the toughest race in the World…thus proving wrong some of the idiot writers that said he should race again (i.e.- me).

So even though the 2009 race is not yet complete, I am already looking forward to the huge rivalry that will take place next year.  I expect Armstrong and Contador to emerge as bitter rivals in 2010, both trying to defeat the other and win the race.  This year they both played nice and showed respect for each other because they are on the same team.  Next year, as opponents, I think the gloves will come off.

Lance knows he can win another Tour de France.  And now he knows that Alberto Contador might be the biggest thing standing in the way of that goal.  I’m hoping for a ride for the ages in 2010.  This year has been fantastic to watch, but the I just escape the feeling that Lance is conceding to Contador because they are teammates.  I want to see the two of them compete and hopefully watch Lance win.

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