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Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World

Posted by ZA on July 1, 2009

The economies of the World may be slumping, but the business of sports is still booming.  The top leagues, teams and athletes will all still be pulling in plenty of money this year.  From rich team contracts, to astronomical earnings, to lucrative endorsement deals.  There will be lots of cash pouring into the bank accounts of the top athletes in sports.   But which athletes are the richest?  Which are the top earning athletes in the World today?  CNNSI has recently released their 2009 list of the Fortunate 50, which is a list of the 50 top earning athletes in the United States.  They also published their list of the top 20 earning International athletes.  Below is a compilation of the two lists, so it is a list of the top 10 earning athletes in the World today.

Top Earning Athletes in World:
1. Tiger Woods ($99MM)
2. Phil Mickelson ($52MM)
3. David Beckham ($45MM)
4. Lebron James ($42MM)
5. Kimi Raikkonen ($40.1MM)
6. Manny Pacquiao ($40MM)
7. Lionel Messi ($39.9MM)
8. Alex Rodriguez ($39MM)
9. Fernando Alonso ($35MM)
9. Valentino Rossi ($35MM)
9. Shaquille O’Neal ($35MM)
10. Kevin Garnett ($34.7MM)


29 Responses to “Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World”

  1. ggw_bach said

    haha. once you get past 10 mil … it doesn’t matter anymore. More money than you could ever spend 😉


  2. ehmjay said

    manny pacman pacquiao rocks…………..
    go 2 #1 spot………

  3. ehmjay said

    manny pacquiao is 4 money pacquiao.

  4. abby_happi said

    Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino pride. im happy because he’s one of the richest athlete in the world!!! Go Pacquiao… That’s why People should not under estimate one’s talent or to develop it because pacquiao is really a true hero of the Philippines. Go Pacquiao!! Keep it up!! 😉 Help the least fortunate because a man who is from a poor family must also help those who were left behind… Proud to be PINOY…. :] ;];];

  5. Richy said

    Come on lebron James you can go 4 that numder one spot easy just please win a ring.

    Shaq’s expected last year so people should pass himm but hopefully not big guy.

  6. Richy said

    Also i almost forgot Floyd Mayweather where are you in this chart man i know u should be up there mister undefeated you shouldve stayed because i know you would be ahead of FANNY PASSGASIO.LOL

  7. james said

    i always wanted james will climb up to da #1 spot, da richest athlete.,, DUH!!!!

  8. Renee said

    How come Kobe is not in this list?

    • ZA said

      Kobe would have finished 11th on the list, he was just behind Kevin Garnett in total salary & endorsements.


      • christian rey santiago said

        but money doesnt matter anyways….its about the skills in basketball…. kobe is more better than lebron

  9. syrym said

    where is Kobe with his 45 millions that he did this 2009 year

  10. rob said

    Kobe Bryant earns more than Shaquille, Fernando Alonso, or Valentino Rossi. This list is sh*t.

  11. teta ganda said

    is this the latest ranking? is manny pacquiao really at 6th place only?

  12. Adami said

    Kobe would have finished 11th on the liwt, he was just behind Kevin Garne5t in total salary & endorsements.


  13. dev said

    this is incorrect because after tiger wood its between phil nickelson and flyod m,ayweather

  14. subject: tiger woods:
    I’m sure he’ll be back to himself and surprise everyone next season. His problem is a mental block, he’ll overcome it because he has to, and his career will flurish even stronger than before.
    i’d bet on it, he’s that good.
    Making all the changes in his swing and other fundimentals, well i beleive he was doing just fine before, the only thing he has to do to blow the whole field away is consintrate on keeping the ball in the fareware, check all his career , that’s his only problem and that’s what he should work on more than anything, he’ll be back next year and i’m sure he’ll return to his old winning methods and he’ll do great.

    Ed Fournier
    call me Tiger Canada (xxx)
    P.S. It’s awful watching you struggle , when i know you can do
    much better than your doing. I’m one of your most dedicated fans
    and always will be. You had a tough ordeal , but i’m sure you’ll work it out. Now get back to being YOU.

  15. Antoinette Salmon said

    these athlethes make so much and sometimes whine and hold out on contracts i hope they are at least respectful and mindful of the people who work the hardest for meanial pay cleaning up after them

  16. I’am a filipino and I’am proud that manny pacquiao is on the list.

  17. jerry said

    amazinG manny pacquiao! proud to be pinoy!

  18. Marc said

    congrats Manny Pacquiao You made it!!We are proud of you.

  19. CoolJ said

    Im expecting that PacMan can be on top among the reaches athletes,
    Im sure he can>>> gudlak man,

  20. okari viscount said

    big up 4 hard work

  21. alsaid said

    lebron james is the best athlete in this world . . .
    but how about kobe? hahah kobe is losers in g**. .

  22. Rey said

    Why Kobe Bryant is not also top 10 richest in the athletes. He is also great player .=P

  23. Wannie Max Masendo said

    Manny pacquiao is deserving for top 3 riches athlets.

  24. benhur said

    how about kobe bryant?

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