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Idiotic quote on 2009 NFL Draft from Dallas Cowboys VP

Posted by ZA on April 28, 2009

The 2009 NFL Draft was barely 24 hours old and the Dallas Cowboys were already in full spin mode about the players they picked.  While justifying their picks a team executive uttered one of the most stupid things, that someone who relies on fans to support their club, could say.  Is it the dumbest quote by an NFL executive? It is certainly in the running.  When asked about the draft by reporters, team owner Jerry Jones’ son had this to say:

Our fans may not be excited, but we aresaid Stephen Jones, Vice President of the Dallas Cowboys.

Okay maybe I’m being a little hard on Jerry’s son, I’m sure he gave dozens of other soundbites that were much more positive.  But why even say what he did?  Why acknowledge that your fan base is unhappy with the decisions being made by the team.  Openly admitting you know of their displeasure only furthers the now widespread perception that the Cowboys fumbled the 2009 Draft.

Worse yet, it is an arrogant position to take to separate yourself from your fans.  I feel like Jones was reacting to the criticism by saying that the team has a more important opinion on the matter than Dallas Cowboys fans.  Is the team management more seasoned in making NFL personnel moves than their fans?  Of course.  But many of their fans have been with the team before Jerry and Stephen arrived, so its foolish to downplay their opinion on the team.

The right way to deal with it?  I would either stay focused on the positives and not even bother to address the issue.  Or if I felt compelled, then I would address it in a less divisive manner.  I would not risk alienating the players I just drafted by admitting their new fans don’t care for them.  I also don’t want to put down my paying customers by saying my opinion on the matter is above theirs.  Stephen Jones did both in my opinion, which was a boneheaded admission on his part.

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