Branding the World of Sports

Fans immune to commercialization in sports?

Posted by ZA on April 22, 2009

Very nice piece by AdAge about the pros & cons of the branding that NBA and their partners have brought into the sport.  Are the sponsorships overkill in some cases?  Sure, they are sometimes pretty blatant but it does not interfere with the action on the court.  And it helps fund the teams, player contracts, fancy arenas and high quality television broadcasts that we all enjoy.  So in my opinion the sponsorships the NBA is doing are a necessary evil.


Do I prefer a game of “G-E-I-C-O” instead of the proper name “H-O-R-S-E”? No, but Geico stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event so they deserve the brand exposure.  I’m sure my casual opinion will not sit well with sports purists, but their indignation doesn’t pay the bills for the NBA, their teams or partners.  I’d rather embrace the quality of the sport (minus the lack of shooting ability in the NBA) than to focus on the brands helping fund it.

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