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Suites in the new Cowboys Stadium are flawed

Posted by ZA on March 12, 2009

For over two years we’ve been hearing about the unveiling of the grandest stadium in sports, the new home for the Dallas Cowboys (aka: Jerry World).  The story has consistently been the same, that Jerry World will be the finest stadium in professional sports.  Packed with every imaginable amenity to make a Cowboys home game more fun than breakfast in Paris, lunch at Disneyworld with the kids and dinner in Las Vegas.

But now the story is starting to change.  Oh no, not the official story from the Dallas Cowboys.  They all still have smiles on their faces and are saying that sales are going just fine.  They continue to justify that by pointing out that they have 273 out of 300 luxury suites leased.  Nero also played the violin as Rome burned.

The reality is that the luxury suites and other premium areas in the new Cowboys Stadium are beyond what the current marketplace wants to buy.  The economy today is different than two years ago, so the Cowboys need to take some proactive steps to make sure they are adjusting to the changed economy.  Darren Rovell nails this concept in his article about the Cowboys Stadium.

A few interesting tidbits from Rovell’s story:
* There will be people who break their luxury suite leases at the new Cowboys Stadium.
* The Giants, Jets, Mets and Yankees are all dealing with similar issues at their new stadiums.
* Safeco Field converted 8 of their luxury suites into a large area that could be sold to smaller businesses.

Not sure if Jerry Jones is reading CNBC today, but if he does see the article he might consider making some changes now.  Never wrong to admit you overestimated the market.  The Cowboys have already (smartly) started to lower prices on some of the premium PSL’s they offer, so why not change the plan on luxury suites as well.  Doing it now might save millions in dollars down the road.

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