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Golf retailers need mulligan for 2009

Posted by ZA on February 24, 2009

Brandweek story about the rough year ahead for some of the retail brands in golf.  Their experts say that too many new products are bring introduced into the market.  They say that the top handful of brands will feel the pinch, but are the ones that have the best chance to survive the downturn.  Also mention how pricing is a key to many of those brands, saying how Cleveland is doing well on their $299 drivers but not on more expensive varieties.

They say that rounds of golf being played were down almost 2% in 2008 and down over 5% since the peak in 2001.  Retail sales of golf equipment were down almost 3% in 2008.  Tough times for the golf industry, although hope is on the way with Tiger Woods set to return to play this week.  That should give golf’s television ratings a shot in the arm and even help stimulate some sales of golf equipment.

Will you be playing much golf in 2009?

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