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Athletes that endorse Under Armour

Posted by ZA on February 18, 2009

Under Armour has been expanding its product line to include performance footwear and running shoes.  UA has also been signing up a slew of athletes to endorse their expanding line of products.  Below are a few of the top US pro athletes that currently have or recently have held endorsement deals with Under Armour.

Under Armour

Under Armour

MLB players that endorse Under Armour:
Jeff Francoeur – Atlanta Braves
Francisco Liriano – Minnesota Twins
Nick Markakis – Baltimore Orioles
Jose Reyes – NY Mets
Alfonso Soriano – Chicago Cubs
Jeff Samardzjia – Chicago Cubs
Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals

NFL athletes with Under Armour endorsement deals:
Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers
AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers
Devin Hester – Chicago Bears
Julius Jones – Seattle Seahawks
Patrick Kerney – Seattle Seahawks
Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens
Joe Thomas – Cleveland Browns
Tommy Tuberville – former Auburn Head Coach
Jonathan Vilma – NY Jets
Patrick Willis – San Francisco 49ers

Basketball players that endorse Under Armour:
Brandon Jennings – currently playing in Europe

Other athletes that endorse Under Armour:
Jeremy Bloom – skiing
Cat Osterman – softball
Kimmie Meissner – figure skating

College Sports Teams with Under Armour sponsorship deals:

Auburn Tigers
Hawaii Warriors
Maryland Terrapins
North Texas Mean Green
South Carolina Gamecocks
South Florida Bulls
Texas Tech Red Raiders
Utah Utes
Other UA college sponsorship deals on the Under Armour Wikipedia page.

Buy Under Armour products online.

16 Responses to “Athletes that endorse Under Armour”

  1. Mason said

    Theres also some athletes you didn’t mention such as Chris McCormack “Macca” former Ironman World Champion. He also helped in the design process of the new line of running shoes.

    • ZA said

      Thanks for pointing him out. There are a list of other athletes associated with Under Armour, I just stuck to their primary endorsers. The one’s working with their running shoes will become more essential as they role out further lines in that category.


  2. Robert said

    great site for reaserch help! i just finished a huge part of my project on “Who are some major Under Armour sponsored athletes?” thank u soooo much for puting this on here it was a huge help.

  3. This list serves as a great success story for Kevin Plank and his willingness to get his foot in the door. He knew he had a great product and he went as far as giving it away so that athletes could experience it. If he would have tried to charge people for it from the beginning, his product would have struggled. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot!

  4. ruger2245 said

    Isn’t Hawaii a sponsored school now?

  5. Andrew said

    As an athlete training for the olympics in track and field. How can i become sponsered by UA?

    • ZA said

      That’s a great question. Here are a couple of thoughts:

      1. UA does provide a submission form for teams looking for sponsorships. Try that to see if they can connect you.

      2. There are a few Under Armour employees listed via Linkedin as in-charge of “Talent” which I only assume means athletes. They are Melissa Wallace (SVP, Talent) and Christina Visaggio (Manager of Talent). You could call Under Armour directly and see if one of these ladies could help you or direct you to the correct person.

      3. Contact a sports agent to help you obtain a sponsorship. IMG Sports is one of the big one’s, someone there might be able to help you with Under Armour and/or other other sponsors.

      Good luck!


  6. Rico said

    Julius Jones only wore UA for that year when he came out in a UA commericial. He started wearing Nike while still in Dallas and continues with the Seahawks. Check photos if you would like to confirm.

  7. Connor said

    you forgot Bob Sanders, Jamie Silva, Ray Maluaga, and Brandon Jacobs

  8. janet councill said

    have you every considered sponsoring a paralympian. there is
    a swimmer in baltimore, jessica long, who has won almost as
    medals as michael phelps. she has won the sullivan award, the
    only paralympian to do so, an espy, 4 gold medals, l bronze and
    1 silver in china. it would be great for under armour to give
    some attention to her since she is from the hometown. her website
    is, if you are interested. she will be swimming
    next in eindhoven, the netherlands in august in the world
    championships. europe seems to be much more interested in the
    paralympians than the united states.

    • ZA said

      That’s a great idea, perhaps Under Armour is interested in sponsoring Jessica. Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank is a former athlete, so he seems to have an appreciate what it takes to compete. Under Armour has a section on their website ( to submit Sponsorship Proposals, so give it a shot. You might also reach Speedo, which might want to get involved.


  9. Wad said

    Is AJ Hawk still with UA?

  10. Katrina Grant said

    You guys should look into sponsoring Kendrick Farris. He is an Olympic Weightlifter-top male in the Western Hemisphere. US, Canada, and Mexico as of June 2010. Top contender for London olympics -2012. Look him up on facebook and videos on YouTube.

  11. Anonymous said

    Jason Hart. a former NBA great is with UA

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