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Reebok cuts 3% of global workforce

Posted by ZA on January 15, 2009

Reebok becoming Adidas?

Reebok becoming Adidas?

Reebok announced that they are cutting 310 of their 8,500 workers due to poor “retail operating conditions and the global economy”.  Reebok President said they took steps to meet their 2009 goals.  I don’t relish being right when it means people are losing their jobs, but I wonder if this is the first step that gets us to my prediction that Reebok’s brand will be eliminated.  One of my 2009 bold predictions for sports marketing was that Adidas would convert all of Reebok’s brand into Adidas in order to better compete with Nike.


One Response to “Reebok cuts 3% of global workforce”

  1. […] But the sad reality is that Reebok is not getting the job done for Adidas, and they are already slashing personnel.  So it is better that Adidas make this change now, rather than wait until the Reebok brand is […]

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