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Do you really want to watch sports in 3-D?

Posted by ZA on December 3, 2008

Personally I think HD is enough, but Fox doesn’t think so. Fox Sports is planning to show BCS Bowl Games and the Daytona 500 in movie theaters that will allow viewers to watch in 3-D. Fox roped in Tommy Hilfiger to the deal to provide the glasses. More on this from USA Today.

I feel bad for the sideline reporters who already have the challenge of trying to look good for the HD cameras, and now will have to prepare to come across in 3-D. Poor Suzy Kolber, forced to deal with drunk Hall of Famers and unkind television cameras on the sidelines.

Nascar wrecks look more real in 3-D

Nascar wrecks look more real in 3-D


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Best Sports Commercials of All-Time

Posted by ZA on December 2, 2008

Great commercials are part of the sporting events we love. The best commercials, and their products, stay etched in our minds forever. Here are a few of the greatest sports commercials of all-time and the products that they featured.

Nike – Air Jordans “It’s Gotta be the Shoes”

Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon with Michael Jordan. “Yo Money, It’s gotta be the shoes”.

Reebok – “Terry Take Office Linebacker”

“You know you need a coversheet on your TPS report, Richard” Classic!

Coca-Cola – Mean Joe Green

“Hey kid, catch.” A scene that has been often imitated over the last 30 years.

Nike Golf – Trick Shots by Tiger Woods

Rumor is that Tiger did that entire spot in one take.

McDonald’s – “H-O-R-S-E”

Mickey D’s hit a home run with this spot featuring MJ and Larry Bird.

Budweiser – Zebra Referee

Classic that aired during the 2003 Superbowl.

Nike Soccer – “Joy” featuring Ronaldinho

“Joy” is right, Ronaldinho has always been a pure joy to watch play soccer.

Gatorade – “Be Like Mike”

Michael Jordan at his finest. They could make a full length feature of MJ highlights and I’d watch it.

Which do you think is the best sports commercial of all-time?
Which company do you think has the best collection of sports commercials?
It’s going to be hard to beat out Nike and their brilliant ad agency Wieden Kennedy.

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