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Jones Soda getting in over their head

Posted by ZA on December 10, 2008

It is one thing for Jones Soda to sign a deal to sponsor their hometown Seattle Seahawks.  It’s a whole other thing for Jones to go head-to-head bidding for deals against Coca-Cola and Pepsi all across the country. Sounds like Jones Soda might be getting in a little over their head…or maybe they are not according to the soda founder Steve Jones.

Expect to keep hearing ‘he said, she said’ stories like this in the endorsement world for the foreseeable future.  Many brands over-committed themselves in order to land major sponsorship deals.  With the economy contracting those brands need that cash for operations, and some are going to try to get it back.


2 Responses to “Jones Soda getting in over their head”

  1. Alan C said

    Jones Soda has also recently created a relationship with the Portland Trail Blazers and are selling inside the Rose Garden. They are doing that same promotion as in Seattle where fans can take pictures of themselves and get them put on the bottle’s label

  2. ZA said

    Not surprised they are aligning themselves with teams in the Pacific NW. Portland isn’t far from their headquarters in Seattle, so they would be smart to continue focusing on the West Coast. Going across the country to compete with the big brands in major East Coast markets could be a case of too much, too soon.


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