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2008 BCS Bowl Game Selection Show

Posted by ZA on December 7, 2008

All of the BCS drama will finally come to a close on Sunday when the 2008-2009 bowl game schedule is announced.  At 7PM central on December 7th Fox’s BCS  Bowl Game Selection Show will reveal all of the matchups and preview the games.  Here is my take on which teams will be playing in the main BCS bowl games.

2008-2009 BCS Bowl Game matchup predictions:

BCS National Championship Game

Florida Gators vs Oklahoma Sooners
* The Sooners lucked out in passing my Longhorns, and now get the chance to play for the National Championship.  There will be a lot of points scored in this game.

Fiesta Bowl
Ohio Stata Buckeyes vs Utah Utes
* A lot of smoke about Fox wanting a #3 vs #4 matchup in Sugar Bowl, and getting Fiesta to take Utah.  I’m believing the rumors, and thinking that Ohio State will win based on the strength of their defense.

Orange Bowl

Cincinnati Bearcats vs Virginia Tech Hokies
* Looking for the lowest rated BCS bowl game?  Here it is.

Sugar Bowl
Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns
* Fox wants to create another strong matchup and this definitely qualifies.  Call this the ‘we deserve to be in the National Championship conversation’ bowl.

Rose Bowl

Penn State Nittany Lions vs USC Trojans
* Aside from the National Championship Game, this is the only other ‘sure thing’ at this moment.  Tough game for PSU.


2 Responses to “2008 BCS Bowl Game Selection Show”

  1. afrankangle said

    The BCS Bowl Selection show is just a little bit less than the pathetic BCS format that it represents. The most-likely big drama will be around how will Alabama, Utah, Ohio State, and Texas be paired. Oh my … now that’s worthwhile television!

    This is far from the anticipation around the March Madness announcements. Then again, that’s about picking a national champion, not a bogus one.

  2. Jenuoty said

    I hate Alabama and I hope whoever they play beats the living urine out of them. They get every call they want it makes me mad.

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