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Nike voted one of Top Socially Responsible brands

Posted by ZA on August 9, 2008

Nike was named one of the Top Socially Responsible brands by over 1,500 young adults who voted in the Alloy Media & Marketing College Explorer study.  Nike was the highest rated company in the “Shoes & Apparel” category by the undergrads and grad students who voted in the online survey.  Donations to charity, use of green products, and employing fair labor practices were just a few of the criteria which the students based their opinions of the corporations.

The irony of these survey results is that it seems like just yesterday that Nike was constantly under attack for their labor practices.  They were maligned for much of the 1990’s by accusations that they underpaid their labors, that they took advantage of the cheap labor in third world countries.  Nike’s inclusion as the top apparel company on this survey indicates that those hard feelings are not affecting generation Y.  That speaks volumes to the job Nike has done over the past decade to turn themselves into a more socially responsible corporation.

One Response to “Nike voted one of Top Socially Responsible brands”

  1. modnar86 said

    I just enrolled in a masters course involving ethical challenges on businesses and read a case on Nike and Commercial Speech. This blog you posted was good information. I had a case question that asked what Nike needs to do to be socially responsible.

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