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Top 10 Best Liked Companies

Posted by ZA on June 24, 2008

Harris Interactive just came out with the results of their 2007 poll on the top 10 “best liked” companies in the United States.  The study was supposed to measure the reputations of the most visible companies in the USA, which were determined by thousands of phone interviews and online voting.

The results for the ‘best liked’ companywere interesting as there were four tech companies in the top 10, with Google landing in the top spot (Google-1, Intel-3, 3M-7, MSFT-10).  That is surprising because I would expect people to relate more to their “comfort products”, many of which fall into the food or consumer goods category.  Those “comfort products” merely scored a tie with the tech sector, with four spots in the top 10 (J&J-2, General Mills-4, Kraft-5, Coke-8).

As the digital universe expands around us, our views and opinions are morphing to count on that technology more than in the past.  We need facebook, myspace and google search as much as we need cereal in the morning, a diet coke for lunch and Uncle Ben’s for dinner.  These technologies are now intertwined in our lives and comfort us.  Playing a game of Xbox or chatting in cyberspace are equally important in our lives as those products we’ve been around since we were kids.  Stress after a long day at work can be unwound by booting up our cpu (insert porn joke here) to escape in the same way my grandfather might have poured himself a glass of scotch.

Over the next few years I expect this list of ‘best liked’ companies to continue to morph from traditional consumer goods companies into tech companies.  Eventually we’ll see facebook, twitter and apple replace J&J, Kraft and Coca-Cola, as those products just become commodities to consume while we enjoy our more sophisticated technologies.

The 10 Best Like companies in the United States (2007):
1. Google
– Has changed the way we interact with the web.
2. Johnson & Johnson – Everyone needs band aids.
3. Intel – Smart marketing gained them “out of the box” exposure, like getting their “Intel Inside” stickers on everyone’s cpu/laptop and a string of memorable commercials with the Blue Man Group.
4. General Mills – Cereal in the morning is still a ritual for most Americans.
5. Kraft Foods – A string of hit “comfort foods” like Mac & Cheese.
6. Berkshire Hathaway – People want to be rich like Warren Buffet.
7. 3M Company – Their useful products are sitting all over my office.
8. Coca-Cola – Still the king of soft drinks, and now growing in water, tea, etc.
9. Honda– Can you say Prius effect?  If only GM or Ford had gotten serious about hybrids sooner.
10. Microsoft – Many think of them as the evil empire, but their products are everywhere.

What large company do you like the best? 

Some of my favorite big companies are Nike, Apple, Disney (i.e.- ESPN), Wikipedia & Toyota.

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