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2008 NBA Finals Shoe Roster

Posted by ZA on June 10, 2008

Adidas may be the official apparel sponsor of the NBA, but Nike is dominating brand wars when it comes to what shoes are being worn in the NBA Finals.  Every active player on the Lakers roster minus one, and 3/4 of the Celtics roster are wearing Nike’s swoosh.

For the Celtics, Kevin Garnett has a major deal with Adidas, which Kendrick Perkins also wears, and Rajon Rondo wears Reebok (I’m not sure how those slipped in there).  Everyone else on the Celts roster wears Nike basketball shoes.

The Lakers bench has to have Phil Knight smiling from ear-to-ear because everyone on the team, except for Jordan Farmar, is wearing Nike.  How Farmar broke ranks with the rest of Team Kobe to wear the 3 stripes is a mystery to me, but he definitely stands out.

For Nike this NBA Finals is another great branding opportunity, the marquee stars for each team (Bryant & Pierce) both wear a signature Nike shoe.  Ray Allen is one of only a handful of Jordan Brand endorsers in the NBA, so he’s representing Nike’s flagship basketball brand in the Finals.  Then Nike has more than 90% of the rest of the players, which gives them huge exposure in all of the television highlights, video clips and photos of these historic Finals.

Rajon Rondo – Reebok
Kevin Garnett – Adidas
Kendrick Perkins – Adidas
Ray Allen – Nike (Jordan Brand)
Paul Pierce – Nike
PJ Brown – Nike
Sam Cassell – Nike
Leon Powe – Nike
James Posey – Nike
Eddie House – Nike

Kobe Bryant – Nike
Derek Fisher – Nike
Lamar Odom – Nike
Pau Gasol – Nike
Sasha Vujacic –  Nike
Jordan Farmar – Adidas
Luke Walton – Nike
Ronny Turiaf -Nike
Trevor Ariza – Nike
Vladmir Radmanovic – Nike 

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