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MLS jersey sponsorship deals

Posted by ZA on June 8, 2008

With the recent annoucement that Microsoft will become the jersey sponsor of the new Seattle Major League Soccer franchise, that means more than half of the MLS teams now have jersey deals.  Within the next few years I expect the teams without deals to announce jersey sponsorships in the $1 to $2 million per season range.  Below is a list of the current MLS jersey sponsorship deals.

Major League Soccer Jersey Sponsorship Deals
Los Angeles Galaxy
– Herbalife – $4-5 million per year
Seattle Sounders FC (2009) – XBox 360 Live (Microsoft) – $4 million per year
DC United – Volkswagen – $3.1-3.7 million per year
Chicago Fire – Best Buy – $2-4 million per year
Chivas USA – Comex Group – $2 million per year
Houston Dynamo – Amigo Energy – $1.9 million per year
Toronto FC – Bank of Montreal – $1-1.5 million per year
Columbus Crew – Glidden – $1 million per year
Real Salt Lake – XanGo – $1 million per year
New York Red Bulls – Red Bull – Part of $100 million deal for team & stadium
Philadelphia Club (starts play in 2010) – No team details announced yet.
Kansas City Wizards – no jersey sponsor
New England Revolution – no jersey sponsor
Colorado Rapids – no jersey sponsor
FC Dallas – no jersey sponsor
San Jose Earthquakes – no jersey sponsor


2 Responses to “MLS jersey sponsorship deals”

  1. Mike S. said

    With all these jersey sponsorships enriching the MLS, i was wondering what benefits the investor gets besides just their brand name on team jerseys. I know its almost as if there human bilboards, but what else happens in these deals, i.e; stadium spots(bilbaords around field) andplayer spots in commerical. I am currious because i don’t think they would spend that much money jersey rights. Thanks….I’m actually doing a research paper on the difference because jersey sponsors in N.America and Europe. So, any info would be helpful. Thanks for you time….ciao!

  2. ZA said

    Sponsorship deals typically come with rights to use the team/player in your marketing campaigns. So a company that is a jersey sponsor in the MLS would be able to use that team, and its players, in their own campaigns. Even listing the team/player as a partner in their marketing campaigns/materials. Which can sometimes be as valuable as the brand exposure on the jersey.


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