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Guy Ritchie directs new Nike commercial

Posted by ZA on May 21, 2008

Nike decided to bring in a big name director to pair with their roster of soccer stars for their new commercial.  For their “Take it to the next level” campaign Nike got English director, and husband to Madonna, Guy Ritchie to director.

Richie’s vision was to show the world of soccer through a up-and-coming player who has just ascended to the professional ranks.  The commercial shows action on the field, training and life away from the pitch.  It has appearances from some of Nike’s megastars like Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo (who should be spending more time working on his penalty kicks and less in commercials).  Overall the commercial is entertaining but it was not a transcendent commercial, and for the money Nike spent for an expensive director, tons of high-tech filming techniques and a boatload of soccer stars I expected more.  The commercial also is a bit of a knock off from some of Guy’s movies like “Lock Stock..” and “Snatch”, in that it has that same gritty feel and the jerky camera movements.

Warning: Be careful watching this commercial if you get motion sickness. 

Nike Football’s new Take It To The Next Level soccer commercial

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