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Gatorade dumps Work Out

Posted by ZA on May 15, 2008

For the past few years Gatorade’s Propel fit water has been one of the sponsor for Bravo TV’s show Work Out, but Gatorade is now pulling that sponsorship in the wake of comments made on the show.  Work Out is a cable tv reality show that follows the lives of Los Angeles trainer, Jackie Warner, and the trainers at her Skylab gym.  Propel product placements have been a fixture on the show for the past two seasons.

In a recent episode Warner made comments that were insensitive towards a woman who is a breast cancer survivor, which set off a firestorm of criticism.  Viewers of the show started to voice their displeasure in the blogosphere and by emailing the show, and Gatorade quickly made the (correct) decision to pull their sponsorship.  Propel’s product placement will still be included in this season’s episodes, but now they are being blurred out on the screen by Bravo.

Propel Fit Water
Gatorade pulled Propel’s sponsorship from Work Out to prevent further brand association with a show that could be damaging.  (Image courtesy: NiceMuscle)

Click here to read the statement from Gatorade on dropping their sponsorship.

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